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openSUSE web design and development

I’d like to take the time to discuss about web development and design on openSUSE. Now, to begin the process of openSUSE web design and development, we need to have the following things to create our web server. At a minimum, we need Apache2, MySQL, phpmyadmin, and a whole bunch of modules that connect with […]

My Recent Adventures with Drupal

Recently, I started up a new website, using Drupal’s CMS software. This website was supposed to help Space Socket successfully move into the future. It does that by integrating all the STEM components and non-STEM components, essentially creating an integrated “hub” for the future. I made this website to help address Space Socket’s emerging problem […]

Updating Drupal

We now take a break from Lua posts. The following post is about Drupal. I’ve used two different CMS softwares in creating websites: Drupal and WordPress. I started off my web design adventure with Drupal two years ago. Drupal was the first CMS software I’ve used when I first started my web design adventure. Drupal […]

Taking a Peek at mod_lua

Back in February of last year (2012), the Apache project announced the release of Apache HTTP Server 2.4, the first major release of the project in over six years. In the computer world, that may well as have been a century — even Debian, known for its rock stable releases and famously slow (and careful) […]