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Planck: About to Get Started

On Space Socket’s forum I have a discussion showing my intentions to successfully build Space Socket III, dubbed “Planck”. This is hopefully going to be a fantastic prototype of a social utopia that will be the future central icon of the Space Socket Community Network. To begin the construction of Planck, I will need to… Read More »

Tables in Lua

This post should provide a good follow-up to my previous blog post, when I started introducing the creation of tables using the Lua programming language. I will start with a brief review of making a simple table. For example, the months in a year. In Lua, I created the table by entering these lines of… Read More »

openSUSE Web Design and Development Part 2: Drupal

Alright, time to discuss about Drupal. Installing Drupal on openSUSE is a little bit different. Here is a rough guideline on how to get Drupal working. The latest version is 7.23. To begin the download process, type wget . Then type in tar xzf drupal-7.23.tar.gz to extract the contents. Now type in mv drupal-7.23/*… Read More »