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By | September 13, 2013

On SourceForge, there’s a free, open source chemistry software known as Play with Periodic Table.

I have just downloaded the Play with Periodic Table software from SourceForge. After compressing the file (it was originally a zip file), I decided to have some fun.

In many high school chemistry courses, you’re required to know the elements (element name and symbol), because it is the rudimentary knowledge for a whole bunch of things. Like, balancing equations, or equilibrium, or some random stuff you have to do. In essence, the periodic table is a BIG part of the language of chemistry.

Back at my old high school, my honors chemistry teacher gave me an element quiz. The purpose was to test whether or not I memorized all the element names and symbols, and whether or not I had full grasp of the chemical language. Without this prerequisite, chemistry is next to impossible. And chemistry will be hard.

So, how does this software help achieve this goal? Well, for starters, there’s a button called “Test with Symbol”. You click on it, and you essentially have to click on the element symbol on the periodic table that matches the element the software is looking for. This is essentially testing whether or not you know the element name (and its symbol, of course!). If your chemistry teacher is like most teachers, you should be using the “Test with Symbol” feature to make sure you fully grasp the rudiments of the language of chemistry.

There’s also a “Test with Atomic No.” feature, which essentially means that you’re tested on which element goes with which atomic number. Might also be a good way to make sure you fully understand the chemical language. But, you don’t need it. In fact, it’s very rare you need it. On the other hand, you can use it as an alternative, “challenging” option to see if you fully understand a key part of the chemical language.

Now comes the fun part of the software…

The “Periodic Table” feature is the most important part. Whether you’re doing homework or preparing for a test, as a chemistry student, you’ll need the periodic table. And without the periodic table, you’re in trouble.

Now, a paperless, green way to get the periodic table is to download a copy of the “Play with Periodic Table”, available here. After you download your copy, click on “Periodic Table” and get started!

On the periodic table, you can then click on the elements to learn more about its element name, atomic number, atomic mass, orbital information, and the element’s valence electrons. What a wonderful software!

I will compare to a periodic table website here, to see whether or not the software can help us out in case of Internet connectivity outages. Since you get the same information on that website, I think the software works here!

So now you have a software you can use to access the periodic table, without the need for any Internet connection. You can then use this when you do your chemistry homework next time. Have fun studying chemistry!

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