Hypomania and OCD: Two mental disorders

By | April 1, 2012

Have you ever wondered what hypomania and OCD are? Well, hypomania is a disorder involving elevated states of mood and three other symptoms that arise from tension or nervousness. OCD, is, without a doubt, having obsessions that you can’t get rid of and compulsively doing things to “just get rid of the obsessions”, as one OCD patient may say. Which is true.

OCD and hypomania can affect success in life. Aside from all the weird causes of school failures and not-so-weird ones, these come into failure in life. In OCD, one will have an obsession that one admittingly will try to get rid of, but feel so difficult to get rid of. Then he will pursue compulsive behaviours that were designed, in his shoes, to get rid of the obsessions. Like, one may go, “I want to resign from ABC Institute, so I will send e-mails to Mr. XYZ and Mr. ZYX.” Obsession? Resign from ABC institute because he does not want to think about it anymore. Compulsion? Sending e-mails to Mr. XYZ, and Mr. ZYX, which may be as few as 1, or as many as 100. Who knows.

Hypomania involves elevated state of mood, with three symptoms, such as foolish investment in business enterprise, increase in psychomotor agitation, etc. Even talking to oneself constantly, abnormally, and incessantly can be a symptom of hypomania. Increased self-confidence and grandiosity is a big problem in these patients, along with easy distractibility, poor concentration skills, and short attention spans, common to both hypomania and ADHD and various learning disabilities. The symptoms can contribute to decreased success and enjoyment in life.

So now, one needs to learn that in addition to the usual solutions to school failures, such as 7 habits of highly successful people, and how to organize and manage time and things effectively along with effective study habits, one also needs to realize that some disorders, such as autistic disorders, hypomania, ADHD, OCD, and various other disorders can affect enjoyment in life, and the traits of these disorders can cause students to have ineffective time management skills, poor organisational skills, and feel overwhelmed. Before one starts fixing the problems, one needs to find the cause of the problem, and now that hypomania and OCD is included along with the various disorders and problems existent in these students, one can use this blog post to his or her advantage to solve the problem to ensure success and happiness in school and beyond and become the most successful person in the universe.

For more information, please visit Google and search these topics to learn more. For now though (for those of you reading this blog post) there are more factors that can be ruled out. But be sure to talk to your doctor or other authorized medical specialist, since this blog post is not designed as a tool for diagnosis of such disorders. Doctors and other authorized medical specialists have more experience in diagnosing such disorders than that of the blog writer.


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