Tables in Lua

This post should provide a good follow-up to my previous blog post, when I started introducing the creation of tables using the Lua programming language. I will start with a brief review of making a simple table. For example, the months in a year. In Lua, I created the table by entering these lines of […]

Lua on openSUSE: My experience #1

This post now details my work with Lua on the preferred operating system, Linux. I use openSUSE 13.1. Another reason why it’s easier: Lua is already installed. I’m going to open a terminal and get Lua working in my GNOME terminal. But this time, I’m going to fiddle around with Lua on my interpreter in […]

My Experience Upgrading to OpenSUSE 13.1

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I decided to make the upgrade to OpenSUSE 13.1 (and GNOME 3.10). As a long-time Windows user, I personally found Linux OpenSUSE upgrading procedure to be much easier than the standard Windows upgrading procedure. For one thing, I did not have to go to Costco (or any other retailer) to purchase […]